A Definitive Guide to Selecting the Best Link Cloaker

So you’ve decided that you want to get your hands on a link cloaker, have you? Considering the amount of buzz that link cloakers have been generating of late, it is no surprise if you have. To be honest, using link cloakers is almost a ‘must’ nowadays for any affiliate marketer who wishes to really make the most of the efforts that they’re putting into generating sales. Sadly, knowing that you want an affiliate link cloaker is one thing – but when it comes to actually selecting one you’re going to find yourself faced with many, many different options.

And the question is – which one should you choose?

For the time being, just forget about all the options arrayed before you and ask yourself this one simple question: What do you want a link cloaker for?

Are you only interested in cloaking your links, period? Are you interested in exploring the many other ways that link cloakers can help your affiliate marketing? Are you interested in anything and everything that could improve the sales that you obtain from your affiliate marketing? These are the kinds of questions that you need to ask yourself because they’re going to form your basis for selecting the best link cloaker for your purposes.

If you’re simply interested in cloaking your links, then any option you choose would probably suffice. Be sure that the link cloaker you opt for actually does fully cloak your links, not only in their outward appearance before they’re clicked, but also in the address bar of your potential customer’s browsers after they have been clicked. So long as the link cloaker that you choose can accomplish that – you’re all sorted!

Assuming you want to delve deeper however, you’re going to discover the wealth of different opportunities that exist for you when you have a link cloaker in your hand. To get started, focus on whether or not you want a link cloaker that allows you to obtain a cookie while redirecting to a website that is entirely of your choosing. This may be accomplished through double redirects or other methods, but it is essentially the means that will allow you to bypass tired old affiliate product sales pages, and employ your own devastating marketing tactics instead!

And if you want to go even further, you could then check out the myriad of different options that various affiliate link cloakers have to offer. Some have tools to allow for easy usage, others have 404 redirects that are fully customizable, while yet others even allow pop ups to appear so that you can maximize the gains you obtain from each and every visitor.

Whatever the case, the idea that you should be focusing on is the fact that you need to select the best link cloaker based on what you actually want to get out of it. Go ahead and delve into the options arrayed before you – no matter what you want, or what you intend to attain, there should be a link cloaker that’ll help you do just that!

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